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Elegant soft straight hair has been girls who like hairstyle specially selected the most popular this year of several long straight hair hairstyles, fashion sweet temperament highlight, to help you create fresh oxygen beauty.

Splicing naturally straight hair right, and sketched out the elegant facial lines. Rough texture of the long straight hair docile nature, filled with cool texture, sweet and pleasant. Withholding of bangs and inner tail outline the perfect little face, straight hair naturally tan simply by age effect is very obvious, elegant oblique bangs seem like a slowly flowing lines down, sweet and well-behaved, and brown fashion personality, very wild. The straight black hair through broken hair design is indulgent, broken hair bangs is very cool. This hairstyle with ghd Hair Straighteners NZ in the hair a little curly tail effect, oblique bangs oblique simple ride, modified face, fat face girls are very fit, plump brown straight hair layering, layers within the buckle, modification exquisite oval face. M gold long straight hair filled with a sweet gloss, broken hair bangs bangs let you say goodbye vulgar, sweet girl entered the ranks of the moment. Rough texture of dark brown straight hair thick and full, bring a clever visual effect. With a hint of golden brown straight hair curly natural sense of fluffy air feeling full, full of tenderness feminine. And eyebrow oblique bangs just right to bring out the bright eyes, soft long straight hair all the way to spread, stretch the facial lines, most are thin. Broken hair bangs just right to bring out the innocent poor black eyes, long straight hair naturally curly, soft and sexy, really arouses affection.

ghd straighteners.In addition to dazzle hair series straight hair, curly hair sticks and hair dryer outside these familiar styling tools, hair ion Hyun debut Combs also to the presence of fashion up to the people themselves. P & G hair care expert Wu Weining lead everyone to experience the magic of this comb - first with a special comb to the model's hair from a large number of static, frizz and tangles, and touch the green button on ionic comb , has not yet come into contact with the hair comb, the emitted ion current has let messy hair frizz instantaneous instill obedience. Ion comb comb with a few light, shiny hair like ironed as obedient, to reproduce healthy luster.
More thoughtful design that dazzle hair ion comb can be placed on the size of the full bag, anywhere to keep hair shiny. The comb in Europe, once launched, immediately sought after by the fashion circle, like a lip gloss cosmetic become essential as a single product. And this sweeping Europe's "cosmetic revolution", will also visit New Zealand.

In the event, known stylist small jane with the media and the use of guests shared his experience, and personally made ​​by cheap ghd nz made ​​a series of two beautiful day and evening hairstyle. Little jane, said: "In fact, as a hair stylist, the most frequently encountered problem is caused by excessive styling dry hair frizz fork and dark and I had previously been suggested that they enhanced care, go to a professional salon baking oil, do hair mask and so on. Braun hyun hair products is a very good choice, because it is from the outset to reduce the damage of the hair, this effect is far better than the injured and then to make up. "
Whether casual messy, or lively sense of air, healthy sheen and texture, so your hair styling rich and varied, with a vivid and dazzling aura. Braun Series hyun hair styling always exudes so breathtaking charm, leaving women to fully enjoy the fun of modeling.


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